Automated Blogging Machine creates value for domains

An Automated Blogging Machine can create value for domains by increasing their pagerank. These domains can then be sold for higher value. We have the expertise to enhance and create values for these domains and create a healthy return of 12 percent a year.

Money invested with us goes into buying low value domains which are then enhanced and converted into income producing assets thereby enabling us to create value and income from them.

We accept small investors with amounts of $100, $500 or $1000

We pay out recurring income of $1, $5 or $10 a month. This is 1 percent a month or 12 percent a year. These payouts are guaranteed as it comes from the actual income produced by the domains in our automated blogging machines. As a matter of fact, our machine makes at least twice the amounts monthly, thereby ensuring that we are always able to maintain our promised returns.

For investors with bigger capital outlay, we can discuss joint venture terms. Please contact us accordingly.


Asset Value of Automated Blogging Machine

1st Febuary 2012                             $1399.00
1st March 2012                                $1954.00
1st April 2012                                  $1390.00
1st May 2012                                   $3404.00
1st June 2012                                  $4110.00

This Automated Blogging machine started in Mid January 2012 with an asset value of $50.00. It currently has an asset value of $4110.00. This is based on a risk-free interest rate of 12% a year. If the risk-free interest rate of a bank deposit is 1% a year then the asset value of this autoblog is $49,320.00 as you would need $49,320 in a bank deposit to produce the same income that this autoblog would produce in a year.

$41.11 might not seem to be a big amount but the fact is that you will need $49,320 in the bank at 1% a year to be able to generate an income of $41.11 a month.

If you can get a risk-free deposit rate of 12% a year, you still need $4110.00 in the bank at 12% a year to be able to generate an income of $41.11 a month.

A $20 trial – For you to check out if it really works. Please use the same paypal account that you would like to receive your monthly payments of $0.20. When you are comfortable that this really works for you, you can always scale up the nodes for a bigger monthly income. It will be 1% of the amount you choose to scale up. Select from the right panel.

We do it all for you. All you need to do is to tell us which PAYPAL account you want your payout in





Link wheel is a widely used internet marketing strategy. The basic idea of link wheels is to create a pattern of links which flow from one website to another which would finally link to a targeted website requiring promotion.
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